Wedding Date 17.11.18

How did you meet?

We met at a friend’s party back in 2008, we didn’t start dating until a year later in Uni.

Who proposed and how?

We had recently bought a new car and Nick suggested we go for a drive for the day. We went up to Palm Beach and Nick proposed as we were walking along the beach. We had a beautiful lunch at Jonah’s afterwards and celebrations with family and friends in the evening.

Honeymoon Destination:

LA, Tulum and New York.

your wedding dress shopping experience:

I had a good idea of the style of dress I really wanted before trying any dresses on as I had always dreamed of a princess-style dress. I wanted to start my search for the perfect dress at Marry Me because I had heard they have a good selection of designers from all over the world and therefore a variety of styles. The first dress I tried on I fell in love with and knew it was the one! I did try on a few other styles in that first session, but I’m quite a decisive person so was happy to lock in the first dress as I absolutely loved it.

details title.png

Suits: Remy Suits


Photographer: Heart & Colour


Accessories: Tennis bracelet borrowed from my mother in law. Earrings from Etsy.

Shoes: Christian Dior

Fragrance: Joy by Christian Dior

Venue: Ceremony - Kincoppal-Rose Bay chapel

Reception - Catalina Rose Bay

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Kelly Bowman + Lily & Co Hairdressing


Florist: Poho Flowers


Bridesmaids: Bec & Bridge